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Gearbox Fitment / Collection / Delivery Service.

We can be as flexible as you like when it comes to reconditioning your Jaguar gearbox. Call us now and one of our engineers will discuss the best option for you.

At our Jaguar Gearbox Centre centre we can:

  • Collect your car from anywhere in the UK, recondition the gearbox and return the vehicle to your door.
  • Collect your gearbox from anywhere in the UK, recondition and return it to your door.
  • Re-manufacture your existing Jaguar gearbox while you wait.
  • Fit a fully re-manufactured exchange gearbox
  • Fit a top quality used gearbox

By specialist next-day Courier we can supply you with:

  • a fully remanufactured exchange gearbox
  • a top quality used gearbox


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The Gearbox Centre

John Hall Close
Faversham, Kent. ME13 7TY

03333 444311